AgFreight Member Rating System - Available to Premium Members

Rating Format

Pay Rating / Reliability Rating - An Overall Rating of A/25 for a particular company would mean that the AVERAGE Pay Rating for ALL members who have rated this company is 15 days or less and AT LEAST 25 members have given this company a positive Reliability Rating. An Overall Rating of N/R means that this company has not yet been rated.
Pay Rating

Invoices paid within:

0 to 15 Days
16 to 30 Days
31 to 45 Days
46 to 90 Days
91+ Days

= A
= B
= C
= D
= F

Reliability Rating

Each time a company is rated, the Reliability Rating is increased, decreased or left unchanged, depending on the selection chosen by the person that is doing the rating:

(+1) = Overall Positive Experience
( 0 ) = Overall Neutral Experience
(-1 ) = Overall Negative Experience

A positive (+) Reliability Rating means that the majority of companies who have rated this company have had good experience with them. A negative (-) Reliability Rating means the opposite.

To rate a company, click on the rating link next to the company name on the Loads or Trucks page, or go to the company's listing in the AgFreight Directories.